Suggestions to Improve Digital Marketing ROI in 2017

SEO is a highly dynamic industry. The difference between an average SEO professional and an is huge. If you intend to become an SEO expert, then you will need to do a few things to stand apart from any other professional.

SEO consultant
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Here are some tips using which you can become a digital marketing consultant : –

Acquire good analytic skills

You will need to be able to follow and define the behaviour of visitors when they are on your client’s site. This is necessary so that you can know how successfully the site has been optimised and what interests visitors.  A good knowhow of JavaScript is necessary for seeing on page actions and time spent on particular pages. But possessing such a skill is not a must to establish yourself as an independent SEO expert.

Be highly service oriented

As in case of all other services, SEO is a service and not a product. As an online SEO consultant, you cannot afford to ignore after sales, customer relations and customer satisfaction. Irrespective of how good you are at SEO, if you cannot satisfy your clients, you won’t be successful in the long run. If you check about the negative publicity of SEO companies, it is usually in the area of customer service rather than product delivery. If you intend to get good referrals and long term contracts, then you will need to be highly service oriented.

Be always open to learning

What matters even more than personality skills is your work ethics. This is something vital for any SEO professional who intends to work independently. You can regard them as traits rather than skills. They are priceless, you may ignore everything else but not these. As an independent SEO expert, you must read a lot about SEO to be aware of the latest technologies, new trends and all news related to search engine marketing.

To create a good impression on clients and resolve the unique problems of their SEO campaigns, you also need to know what is popular in SEO. Therefore, make it a point to have permanent subscriptions of Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, Webmaster World, WebProNews and SEO chat.

To become an independent SEO professional, you will need to have an insatiable hunger for learning. This is what will make you stand apart from normal SEO professionals.


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