New Trends in Digital Marketing in India for 2017

Digital marketing has witnessed considerable popularity in 2016 since large and medium-sized businesses are enhancing their own presence on the internet and promoting their services and products. They have been promoting their brands through social networking sites. So, what trends can we expect in digital marketing in India in 2017? While some pundits believe that internet space will increase with more companies using the internet for marketing purpose, others say that there will be a complete change on how users and search giants give precedence to the vast amount of data they come across.

Digital Marketing in India
Digital Marketing in India | Image Resource :

Online marketing industry is large, complex and unpredictable. The sooner you get the pulse of the internet user, the higher would be their interest about your brand. Here are some of the new trends in digital marketing which are going to play a major role in 2017 : –

Video ads will dominate

Despite the fact that video ads are not a new phenomenon on social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube, the update that Google would be coming up with SERP video advertising will bring about a complete change in online advertising. This suggests that there is a greater acceptance of video ads among people. And so, as the trend continues, we are likely to come across various types of ads popping up on our computer screens in the days to come.

Mobile will overtake desktop

2016 was highly successful year for mobile. We have seen how Google almost overlook websites which were not optimized for mobile. The universal presence of mobile phones and disappearance of desktop traffic clearly shows how it is wise to invest in mobile centric internet marketing. Mobile search and mobile optimization will therefore be the major focus of any digital marketing in India.

Dedicated apps will come to prominence

A dedicated application offers users with all features they can find in a mobile-optimized website, but in a more user-friendly and accessible manner. Google has offered app indexing will bring in benefits of having a dedicated app in future. Tough we are far behind from days when apps will replace websites, business owners are realizing their effectiveness. Therefore, 2017 will be a highly promising year in mobile applications development.

Social conversion will impact conversion rates

All of us have heard about the power of social media. In the year 2017, online communities will be bound not just by conversation between a company and consumers or for drawing prospective buyers. Rather, they will provide ample opportunities to enhance conversion rates.


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